Top Five Things To Do In Sydney

Alex Anyfantis
5 min readJan 14, 2021

Hop on a ferry and ride under the Harbor Bridge!

Continuing on in our tourism segment that began with Athens, then went on to the United Arab Emirates and left off in London, today we will head… downunda to see what the beautiful city of Sydney has to offer its visitors.

Most people tend to confuse the “emerald city” for the capital of all of Australia, but that honor goes to the less known town of Canberra that is further to the south of the country’s eastern shoreline.

Australians are known for their friendly personalities, their warm characters and their willingness to help one another, so if you happen to find yourself lost somewhere in this admittedly large city, don’t feel too uncomfortable to ask someone in the street for directions. You’ll be relieved to discover that they’ll be more than willing to help you out.

As for what you can do in your spare time in Sydney, well, the options available to you are more than enough to keep you busy!

  1. Take a ferry ride across the Harbor

One of the greatest views you’ll ever see in your entire life is at Barangaroo. You can hop on one of the ferries that will carry you all the way across to Circular Quay for just a bit over $7 per person and experience one of the greatest boat rides of your life.

You’ll get to go right under the Harbor Bridge, one of the largest and most popular bridges in the entire world (alongside San Fransisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.) Eventually, the Sydney Opera House will also appear in sight, placing you in the ideal position for a most memorable photo and quite a popular upload to your social media accounts.

Once you get off the ferry at Circular Quay, you’ll have plenty of options available to you, as you can either hop on the shiny new tram (completed in 2020), the metro or continue on to one of the many cafes and bars near the Opera House.

2. Head down to Darling Harbor for food and drinks

Another popular attraction among both tourists and locals within the same area is the Darling Harbor. With many options…

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