There are some small "new year's resolutions" that I've made in regards to my writing process that seem to be working out for me. First of all, as someone else here in the comments has already mentioned, find a time of the day that works for you and use that time to write. You'll find you're most productive during those hours. It might be during the morning, it might be in the afternoon, it might even be after midnight when everyone's asleep and you have peace and quiet. It doesn't matter. Next up is to keep at it. Find what clicks for you and stick to it. Keep writing every single day. Since 2021 began, with the exception of weekends, there hasn't been a single day when I didn't sit down and write something, no matter what it was. Keep it within your own interests because that's where you're bound to be most productive. It doesn't make sense for me to try and write an article about the latest iPhone and Samsung models if I have no idea about the latest tech or about China's foreign policy if I'm not into politics. Last but not least, try to draw inspiration from your own daily life. Something might happen that you think is noteworthy or could make an interesting story for your readers. Here's a good example: I wrote this last week! You never know what makes a good story so just keep your eyes and ears open. Anyway, that's about all the wisdom I have to share. Also remember to stay positive and give yourself a break if you're feeling burned out! Happy writing people!!!

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