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The State of Affairs in the World of 2022

Alex Anyfantis
4 min readDec 19, 2021

As we begin to close the book on yet another year, we look back and cannot see much we would like to remember in the history of our species. Yet, what lies ahead could be even more frightening, as we take our next steps into a life completely different from what we’ve become accustomed to…

These are the final two weeks of 2021. What was known in the past as a festive season for most people around the world, a time to gather with friends and family, to leave our troubles behind and look ahead in hopes of a brighter tomorrow, has become nothing but a time of further isolation.

People in certain countries will not gather for the festivities, some of which have been outright cancelled, and those that do will need to adhere to strict protocols enforced by their governments to ensure the safety of everyone.

This is not something new that we suddenly had to get used to. It is a situation that we have been forced to live under for over two years now. Yet, as this year was meant to be our light in the tunnel, as things turn out, it was nothing but a brief intermission.

People in Australia and across the rest of world have voiced their opposition against the health restrictions which have a disastrous effect on small businesses. Source: Sky News

COVID-19, a disease which no one knows how or where it came from, has once again reared its ugly head to take over our entire lives, forcing whole nations into lockdowns and people into unbearable restrictions. Already most nations across Europe have re-introduced their lockdown laws, while some have officially announced that there will be no gatherings allowed for the holidays.

This of course comes in the wake of the new Omicron variant which, while a lot more transmittable, has not yet been established if it increases the deadliness of the virus. But, even if Omicron or Delta don’t do the job, it’s still highly likely that another letter of the Greek alphabet will soon pop up to complete their work, as grim as that may sound.

So, with governments reintroducing restrictions that they themselves had promised to abolish, people passing a potentially lethal disease to one another, even though they’ve been double (or triple) vaccinated against it and media reporting daily on the rapidly increasing number of…



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