The good side of the COVID-19 situation

Yes, hundreds of thousands of people have died. But we have also learned some important lessons and changed some very bad habits during this period. And that is very significant for our future…

I understand that the title of this article may be a little conflicting, to say the least. For many people, it may even be triggering. This virus suddenly came out of nowhere at the end of 2019 and has literally changed everything. It has taken things away from us. Changed our lives, made us live in fear and in many cases even took the lives of people. And it’s such a transmittable disease that people weren’t even able to say goodbye to their dead… they were simply buried away from everyone, like some lowlife or criminal.

But even though we now live in such an environment where one wrong move may inadvertently cause the hospitalization or even death of thousands of others, we can still choose to look at the positive side of it all. I realize that if you’re one of the the people who was unfortunate enough to lose someone close to you due to the virus, that may be increasingly difficult to even think of, but there have been many changes in the way we act, think or even move within our daily lives that were forced upon us by this situation yet should still remain even when all this becomes nothing more than a distant memory.

One good example is the way we now choose to listen to our healthcare workers. Back until the day that COVID-19 became such a big deal for the entire global community, we never used to take them seriously unless it was a case of something really big that immediately affect ourselves or someone really close to us. But now it seems that we take their advice more to heart and listen to what they have to say. When they tell us to wear a mask, it’s not because they don’t have anything better to do than to make our lives more difficult, but it’s for our own good and to keep us out of the hospitals. Maybe we had to get to this point to understand it, but it seems we’ve finally learned our lesson.

Another good example of how things have gotten better post-COVID is that we’ve begun to filter out our daily influx of information between what’s good and what can be potentially harmful. I recall doing an interview with a nurse during the start of the COVID crisis back in March of 2020 and she was furious about how exhausting it is to have to work an 18-hour shift, only to drive home, turn on the radio and listen to people talk about conspiracy theories in regards to the disease. Even now, those voices are still out there, but it seems the mainstream audience has learned to turn away. After all, you cannot argue with evidence and the evidence here is the hundreds of thousands of people dying on a daily basis. That’s irrefutable.

But besides the healthcare workers, people are beginning to show signs of creating a trusting relationship with other members of their community, such as the police and security workers. I heard a story the other day that literally left me stunned and it was mainly what lead me to write this article. This woman who took her child to work everyday had to go through a casual security check before going into her office. This was imposed on the employees after the start of the COVID crisis in order to ensure that no one would carry the virus into the company’s headquarters, thus infecting everyone else.

These daily security checks became such a routine for the woman that after a while, she began to recognize the people doing them and even speak to them for a bit before heading into work. So one day, as she’s going in to get her daily clearance and head into the office, she sees a car drift off the road and flip upside down, landing at a nearby river! Inside were a woman with her child, as the water was slowly beginning to fill the car. Thankfully, the accident occurred close to the office where the woman worked and she was able to call out to the security officers to get help for the people in the car. After a while she and the child were saved from the drowning vehicle.

There are also other ways that COVID-19 has impacted our lives for the better: personal hygiene, the way we interact with one another, the obsession we now have with keeping our hands clean and even how we touch our food. These are all good things and should remain in our lives, even once this nightmare goes away and we’re able to return to our daily, pre-COVID habits .

Unfortunately, we’re creatures with very short memories and it may not be long until we return to our former way of life. Oh well…

Media graduate, professional journalist and self-proclaimed Final Fantasy fanboy. Interests (and die-hard passions) include gaming and sports (mainly football).

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