If you don’t look somewhat like this, don’t expect any woman to turn around and look at you. Source: Male Model Scene

Real Men Do Cry

Alex Anyfantis
5 min readMay 12, 2022


Living in a world of double standards can be tough, as fair as it may seem. There is only so much that one man can handle, though it helps us view the perspective that women had to deal with for so many years.

For so long, it was as if men had the option of choosing the woman they wanted to be by their side. Any ethnicity, height, hair colour, weight, or whatever else, as long as a man held a respectable place in society, he had the ability to find a suitor to be by his side, despite his outward appearance, personal hygiene or age.

But thankfully, with the changing of the ages, women are now finally finding their own places in society and, with that, the option to choose a partner that is of equal value to their own. Someone that is not going to support them financially or provide them with a home, as that is something that they can do for themselves, but support them emotionally, stand on equal footing to them and a person who puts as much effort in themselves as they do.

Honestly, it’s great living in such an era and I am a great advocate of women’s freedoms. But — and from the moment I use the word ‘but’ it feels as though it automatically cancels out everything else I’ve previously said — it also feels incredibly tough living in such a world as a male.

This is how men have demanded their women look like for years, so why should women have it any different? Source: The Courier Mail


Before going on any further, I need to make a confession. A confession which is incredibly difficult to make, especially to a public audience. Being incredibly inebriated helps with this. I am 36 years old and I have never had a serious relationship. Even worse, I’ve never had sex. I don’t know if I will be able to go forward with publishing this, but that is my ultimate truth. The fact that I’ve covered up throughout most of my life. My greatest shame.

The reason behind this is that I never felt good enough. I was essentially raised by two mothers (my actual mother and my sister who is eight years older and incredibly protective of me) so from a young age, I learned to be respectful towards women and understand their needs. My sister and my cousins —most of whom also happened to be female — had high standards for themselves, but most…



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