A small exhibit of what goes around in the mind of a gamer who is really looking forward to the release of an upcoming title

As a bit of an introvert, you tend to get excited about things that people around you might not understand. You don’t have the same interests as they do but that’s alright because you’re happy inside the space you’ve created. Video games are a huge part of what you are, the stories and worlds they involve allow you to escape this boring and sometimes difficult reality and experience something different every once in a while.

And even among those, there are some that still hold a special place in your heart and that you consider unique because you formed a special bond with their worlds and characters. Those are known as franchises, something like a series if we were talking about TV shows, yet not so specific.

So every time your beloved franchise announces something new, you hold your breath in anticipation thinking about what sort of exciting new journeys it might take you on or what sort of enticing new characters it’ll allow you to meet. Every sliver of information is enough to keep you going. From the moment the next installment to your favorite franchise is announced, you begin to think about what it might look or play like in your head.

Of course, for a game to be released, it takes several years of development. And some studios make the mistake of announcing their games way too early, only to be forced to go into radio silence for an extended period of time. But that’s alright. As long as you have one or two trailers to look at, you can go on thinking about how awesome it’s gonna be when you finally get your hands on it.

Days go by and you need to get on with your regular, everyday life. You complete your everyday obligations, which you have almost zero interest in, slowly counting the days backwards until the next big gaming event where they might announce something about this upcoming title that you’ve been waiting for for so long. It doesn’t show up, so you feel a sense of disappointment, but that’s okay, it’ll be at the next one.

Eventually you see a second trailer. It’s beautiful! This game is shaping up to be everything you thought it might be, and even more! Yet listening to the game analysts and online reviewers, not to mention the comments on YouTube, you see it’s getting a ton of hate and negative criticism. Why? What’s wrong with people? Don’t they realize this is a work of art? Why can’t they just let people have their fun without trying to spoil everything? It’s so frustrating!

But whatever, people don’t understand how great this game is like you, you’re the biggest fan of this franchise, you’ve been there since the first game came out back in 19-whatever. So now you’ve got a second trailer and the promise of more upcoming announcements in the future. All the patience you’ve done has finally paid off! You might soon have the game in your hands!

As time goes by, more trailers drop which only gets you hyped even further. It doesn’t even matter now what other people think, you can’t wait for it to release. The end is in sight, you’re only just a few weeks away! You begin to make your plans, you take the time off work, shut down your phone, put the necessary posts up on Facebook, organize your pre-orders, etc.

Finally, the day is here! After you get the disc in your hand, you pop it into your console and you begin playing. This is epic! It’s everything you thought it was going to be and more… Or is it? Something’s off. It doesn’t feel right. This isn’t as good as you imagined it would be.

Source: Happy Gamer

This game doesn’t play as well as they promised. The trailers lied to us. The story is half-baked, the characters have as much personality as a steam-fried potato and the frame rate is constantly dropping. The ending feels undeserving, like they didn’t go through the adventure they needed to in order to reach that point. What is this??

How could the developers betray their fans like this? How could they think that anyone would want this to be a part of a franchise that has given us such great and memorable titles? This is a polished turd! You don’t know what to do with your disappointment after finishing this game that literally trampled on your expectations so you lash out on forums and message boards, swearing that you will never support this company ever again. It’s about time they shut down anyway. They’ve been around for far too long.

Time goes by but the bitterness and disappointment still stays with you. Eventually yet another installment to your once beloved franchise is announced. Only this time, you’re smart enough to approach it with caution so that you don’t suffer the same heartache all over again. As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…

Media graduate, professional journalist and self-proclaimed Final Fantasy fanboy. Interests (and die-hard passions) include gaming and sports (mainly football).

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