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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Review

Alex Anyfantis
7 min readAug 16, 2022


The latest addition to the popular franchise’s canon material goes off the rails, putting main characters Goku and Vegeta in the backseat to give some other fan-favourites a chance to shine.

**SPOILER ALERT!!!** If you haven’t seen the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie yet and would like to have a fresh experience when doing so, then it is highly suggested that you close this tab and refrain from reading any further. You have been warned.

Dragon Ball is one of those manga series that has been around long enough to have developed a respectable number of storylines and different characters for its creators to choose from (not as many as others like One Piece, Naruto or even Bleach, but still sufficient).

While that may quite often be seen as a boon, it can also work against them, as some beloved faces tend to get left behind with the appearance of others who have a more important part to play in the story. For example, once Vegeta and Frieza appeared, Yamcha and Tienshinhan, who were considered big players in Goku’s gang of ninja warriors, were left in the dust. Nowadays Yamcha serves as nothing more than comic relief.

Piccolo is the Super Hero here. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Source: imdb

Those are a few of the issues that the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero attempts to correct. In many ways, it succeeds, while in others, it fails greatly.

Up to Piccolo

With Goku and Vegeta focusing on their own training after their battles in the Tournament of Power (which we saw in Dragon Ball Super) and the battle against Broly (that was seen in the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly) and everyone else on Beerus’ planet keeping their eyes on the duo (or in the God of Destruction’s case, on Cheelai), it’s up to the warriors remaining on Earth to deal with the latest threat.

The premise of keeping Goku and Vegeta (and even the significantly overpowered Majin Buu) out of this fight was solid. But the execution was poor. Having a bucket of ice cream over Whis’ rod was in poor taste. He’s supposed to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, I’m sure his perception powers are a little stronger than that. Also, Buu is…



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