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Ange Postecoglou’s interview to Betarades translated in English

Alex Anyfantis
22 min readJul 22, 2022


For your reading pleasure! A few things to point out before going into this, one is that there are two interviewers (called Betarades One and Two) and the other is to keep in mind that this is a straight-from-Greek translation so it may not make sense at some areas. Okay, moving on

Betarades One: Greetings, ladies & gentlemen & all friends of the show, we’re continuing our incredible Betarades docublog here in Glasgow and today we have joining us from the Celtic training ground coach Postecoglou, Angelos Postecoglou, hello Ange. That’s what they call you, right? Ange?

Postecoglou: Ange, yeah, everyone here says it like that.

B1: Thank you very much for accepting our invitation. We’d also like to thank Ian who’s behind the camera. Thanks!

B2: It’s really nice here coach! Really nice, greenery, nature, etc.

P: Yeah, and you know, the weather is like this every day here.

B2: Every day?

P: No. (laughs) Not at all. But I like it. The training centre is outside of Glasgow and you can feel a serenity when you come in compared to the chaos of city. The city is entirely different and when we come here, we can focus on our work.

B1: Can I ask you something coach, that’s entirely irrelevant? The road that leads here, is that the same road that’s filled with puddles?

P: Well, there’s only one. That’s the one.

B1: Really? Because on our way here we saw a sign that said: “no access to the training centre”.

P: That’s for the fans and all that, so they won’t be able to get in.

B1: Oh, I see.

B2: So, you have everything that you need here, right? How many football pitches are there, what sort of facilities do you have here?

P: I don’t know, must be about 4–5 pitches, plus this artificial one. Look, whatever we need, we have it. I mean, it’s a big club. We’re talking about a club of this level that everyone knows about, that has 60,000 people at every game, not just in Scotland but all over the world. They know them everywhere, they’re a big club.



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