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Media graduate, professional journalist and self-proclaimed Final Fantasy fanboy. Interests (and die-hard passions) include gaming and sports (mainly football).

Changing the trajectory of the games industry forever

Gaming in the late ’90s was like entering a whole new universe that we had very little knowledge of…which is exactly what made it so enticing!

The Sony consoles have sure come a long way since their early days. With the PlayStation 4 going way beyond the 100 million sales…

There’s something very un-Final Fantasy about this game

Back in June during the Square Enix livestream event when Stranger of Pradise: Final Fantasy Origin was initially unveiled to the gaming world, many fans of the series felt turned off. It felt like this game was taking the franchise towards a whole new direction that nobody wanted. What were…

The inaugural title by indie developer Ember Lab bears a degree of familiarity that makes it accessible to anyone

Kena: Bridge of Spirits has been a highly anticipated title for many PlayStation fans across the globe who were enamoured with the game’s visual style shown in trailers, which is quite reminiscent of the popular computer-animated films created by Pixar, but also the premise of the story.

A young girl/spiritual…

What has changed about these controversial games?

Square Enix recently announced that arguably the most controversial trilogy of their flagship franchise is now available on Xbox Game Pass. This prompted fans to ask the company to release the three titles on other consoles, as well. …

And that’s a very good thing

The latest addition to one of last year’s greatest titles adds very little to the gameplay (which I view as a flawless experience to begin with), focusing instead on the new explorable areas and Jin’s personal history.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut was recently released for the lucky owners of…

Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart is stunningly beautiful, but could it be too much of a good thing?

The latest entry in Insomniac’s iconic Ratchet & Clank franchise is a perfect showcase for the power of the PlayStation 5 console. But I wonder if its shiny visuals detract from some underlying design issues that detract from the experience. Allow me to explain.

Technical powerhouse

The PlayStation 5 console is still…

Proving again the link between video games and wider culture

During the entrance ceremony for the athletes participating in the XXXII Olympic Games, which was watched by millions of people from all around the globe, the Japanese hosts played many memorable pieces from popular franchises such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest, bringing two worlds together.

Some of the most shocking, emotional, and captivating plot-twists the 30-year-old franchise has to offer

The Final Fantasy series has made a reputation for itself thanks to its awe-inspiring graphics, beautiful melodies, and stories that manage to incorporate important themes such as the value of life and how to deal with the loss of a loved one. Not too shabby for “just a video game!”

How the rise of portable consoles is changing how we game

The announcements of the latest portable consoles such as Steam Deck and the upgraded Nintendo Switch, combined with existing game-streaming services like Xbox Game Pass, are making the days where we all sat together in front of a big screen seem like a distant memory.

Back in late August of…

Making phones part of the console experience

Sony’s incredibly innovative idea to take full advantage of the technological capabilities of both consoles and smartphones by connecting them to each other to create an extra dose of fun also helps people reveal more about themselves and connect to one another.

Back in 2017, Sony announced the release of…

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